4 Ways To Wear Your Watch: A Style Guide For The Ladies

4 Ways To Wear Your Watch: A Style Guide For The Ladies

Every woman needs the best accessories to elevate and complete their outfits. It gives them a chance to make the outfit fun and exciting by adding in a little personality. 

Another reason why accessories are necessary is the fact that it can create a whole different look for the same outfits! Sometimes adding a belt or a pair of earrings could change the entire look. 

When it comes to watches, there’s no one right way to wear them – unless you are attending a formal event. Looking for new ways to wear your watch with your outfits? Here are 4 ideas you could use!

1. Watches are for showing off

If you have a beautiful watch, don’t hide it underneath long sleeves! You should definitely show it off to the world and let it define your outfit. This is especially true if you are putting on something like a fancy Sarcar jewellery watch or unique heritage watch with special designs.

Opt for a sleeveless dress, or even go asymmetrical by wearing the watch on the hand with a shorter sleeve (or rolled up sleeve) for a more dramatic look. If you have to put on a long-sleeved outfit, ensure the sleeves are just the right length to let the timepiece peek out – otherwise, folding up the sleeves once or twice should do the trick.

2. Mix & match materials

The ‘safe’ route for wearing a watch is to match them with the colour of your other metallic or leather accessories, such as your belt, rings, or shoes. Making sure the colour keeps to the same tone gives off a more streamlined and pleasing look, giving you a neat appearance suitable for almost any event!

However, if you want to go for an edgier look, these rules are meant to be broken! You could match all the metals of your accessories, but have just one statement piece in a different colour. This will add more character and interest to your outfit, showing off a more progressive and experimental style.

3. Be big and bold

This season, oversized and bold jewellery are in vogue! The same goes for watches – men’s inspired watches, larger faces, and sports-style watches are getting increasingly popular amongst the ladies. If you are going for a ladies’ jewellery watch, you can’t go wrong with something bold and striking.

Be careful not to overdo it, though. Huge accessories can easily overwhelm a petite lady’s frame. When making a statement with a large-faced watch, keep the other parts of your outfit simple to maintain balance.

4. Dress it up with bangles

A single watch is great. But sometimes, it feels like it needs something more. Other hand jewellery like bangles and rings are a brilliant solution to integrating your watch into your style. With these accessories, it opens up a whole new avenue for customising your look!

Experiment with various number, thickness, colours, and combinations of bangles or rings to find one that resonates with your style. You can also switch up the hands you wear them on – with the watch, or on the opposite hand. It’s surprising how these little tweaks can really change up the look and feel!


These 4 ideas will help you dress your watch while bringing out your personal style! Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works for you.

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