Tips For Matching Your Outfit And Watch: Ladies Edition

Tips For Matching Your Outfit And Watch: Ladies Edition

A lot of style guides on the Internet talk about styling men’s watches to outfits. But what about women who would love to look amazing with their beautiful timepieces? Not to worry – we’re here to help!

While ladies have plenty of choices when it comes to accessorising, watches can add a different edge to a fashion ensemble. Whether it’s adding a touch of boldness, or jazzing up a casual dinner dress with a watch and jewellery set, there are some guidelines to help your watch blend in perfectly with your style!

1. Going formal? Stay traditional

For the most formal of occasions, standing out is not the key. Instead, you want to go for something simple and classy. Minimalistic watches with a traditional form are advisable, such as round face watches with a thin, clean, leather strap. If you prefer a metal strap, it is best to match the colour with other metal embellishments in your outfit, like buttons, bangles, or earrings.

Pair your dress watch with an elegant dress or blazer, and you are good to go!

2. Dress to impress

In some situations, you truly want to dress to impress! Fancy occasions are the best time to whip out your jewellery watches. You can wear elegant and dazzling timepieces, especially luxury watches with a unique style or historical significance. Gold watches for women embellished with precious gems are perfect for these occasions. Sarcar has some brilliant and premium ladies’ jewellery watches just right for such purposes.

Keep in mind though – if you want your watch to be the fashion statement, keep the rest of the outfit a notch down, to avoid an overly-cluttered and overwhelming look.

3. Pick the perfect size

Most ladies watches are smaller and thinner to match the leaner wrists of women. Smaller watches are also preferred by women as it gives off a more dainty and elegant look. If you are going for that feminine, graceful aesthetic, a smaller watch face is definitely a must!

However, there’s nothing wrong with picking a larger watch, if you’d like. In fact, larger women’s watches are in trend! If you are afraid of it looking too masculine, you can choose watches with jewelled details, or complement your watch with a few bangles or bracelets.

4. Chic and casual

If you’re just looking for an everyday watch that will take you to the office and to your weekend outings, a versatile, chic watch is what you need! Stainless steel straps are timeless and easy to match, making them a great choice for everyday wear.

Or, if you want to show more personality, you could even go for coloured straps in nylon or leather. There isn’t really a wrong choice here, as long as it is comfortable for you in terms of personality and fit.


These days, watches offer ladies yet another avenue for spicing up their outfits and personal style. Look for the perfect fit – not just in size, but also for the occasion and your clothing preferences.

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