3 Reasons Why Women Should Invest In A Good Watch

3 Reasons Why Women Should Invest In A Good Watch

Today, there are unlimited options to choose from when searching for the perfect watch. With the many features, colours, and styles to choose from, deciding on one may be hard. Whether you are looking for an additional accessory to add on to your collection or something to keep as a family heirloom, a watch is no doubt a good investment. 

The best watches are never cheap, but this is because they are carefully manufactured using the best materials and craftsmanship. For the ladies, searching for a ladies’ Swiss watch in Singapore will give you some of the best options in the market.

Here are 3 reasons why women’s watches can be a good investment:

1. They make you look more professional

People who wear watches are generally perceived as being more organised, reliable, and professional. It shows that you respect your own time and the time of others, and also shows off a sense of refinement and attention to detail. Whether you go with a sports-luxe style or elegant watch, a well-chosen timepiece can perfect any outfit, from a minimal look, to a posh outfit, or an office dress. 

Nothing says “take me seriously” more than a nice watch that you won’t think twice about proudly displaying. The moment you shake someone’s hands, or even the moment that they see you, the watch adds to their impression of you before you even say a word.

Remember, first impressions matter. The right watch can help you make it a good one.

2. Luxury watches look beautiful

There’s no denying that the best watches are luxury watches. Although expensive, the price is justified as they are just beautiful and timeless. The difference between a luxury watch and a generic watch is in the details and workmanship. You can also opt for stunning jewellery watches if you like! Wearing a timeless piece of jewellery on your wrist will definitely elevate your look and make you feel more confident! 

With many different brands and designs in the market, your choice of watches can bring out your personality. Also, wearing a luxury watch you worked hard for is one of the best feelings of accomplishment in the world! It can also be a symbol of prestige or social status. 

3. A treasure to be passed down

Good luxury watches are made to last virtually forever. They can be passed down from one generation to another and still look as good.

You can’t deny how comforting it is to think that you can share something with your children, who will pass it down to their children. Disregarding the monetary value, it is something to cherish and take care of. Wearing a family heirloom timepiece can instil confidence or courage, especially when you need it the most – for example, in an important meeting or when receiving an award. 


Now that you have been convinced that good watches are a worthy investment, it’s time that you go out there and treat yourself to a good ladies watch that suits your taste and budget. Here at Leong Poh Kee, we have plenty for you to choose from. Be sure to do your research on the watches in Singapore and find one that you love!