4 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Watches Make Great Timepieces

4 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Watches Make Great Timepieces

These days, watches come in so many types and materials. From precious metals to jewellery watches, anyone looking to buy a watch will be spoilt for choice! Quickly rising up the ranks to cult status is none other than stainless steel – a sleek-looking, tough, and durable material.

You might wonder why stainless steel is so well-loved. After all, isn’t it just a synthesised metal alloy that’s even used in pots and pans? While stainless steel might not have that air of prestige to it like precious metals do, its practicality, style, and affordability more than makes up for it.

Here are 4 reasons why stainless steel is quickly racking up a strong following:

1. A more retro feel

Many millennials stated that they purchase stainless steel watches because they’re simply more economical and give off a more vintage and classic look. In response to this, many watch manufacturers are currently re-releasing older styles using modern stainless steel materials, creating high-quality stainless steel watches at a far more affordable price point. 

This also motivated various watch manufacturers in the Swiss market to adjust and adapt to this trend, ensuring they’re always ahead of the curve. Instead of sticking with the traditional choice of materials, many watchmakers have considered, or even begun using stainless steel timepieces to keep up with the demand. 

2. Versatile

Another prominent reason why stainless steel watches are on the rise is because of how versatile they are. Because of its shiny looks, it can pass off as a precious metal like platinum or silver, and won’t look out of place in formal events. Yet, it is also easy to match and flexible enough to go with you on your day-to-day events.

In this day and age where fashion trends favour casual-looking wear over anything else, stainless steel is a highly versatile choice when you don’t want to attract unnecessary attention. 

3. A tough material

If you are looking for a watch that doesn’t scratch or stain easily, stainless steel should be your choice. Stainless steel is known to be a hard alloy that can decently withstand most knocks and bumps it is subjected to. Other physical advantages on its side are its anti-corrosive and anti-oxidative natures, which mean stainless steel will retain its shine for a long time.

To see the toughness of stainless steel in action, take a look at the explorer watches from Ball Watch. Stainless steel is their metal of choice for even their diver’s watches. For time-pressed and convenience-loving modern wearers, stainless steel offers unrivalled style without the need for constant upkeeping. 

4. Affordability

Most luxury watches have a high barrier to ownership that many people just can’t justify spending on. But with stainless steel watches, people can own some pretty prestigious watches without splurging on the luxury materials. Across the board, stainless steel is relatively affordable in terms of luxury timepieces.

However, that’s not to say that stainless steel is any ‘cheaper’ in terms of quality. They are just more readily available as they can be mass-produced, and are still made with the same level of detail and craftsmanship as you would expect in a luxury timepiece.


Now that you know the major benefits of owning a stainless steel watch, it’s time to find one which best suits you! Here at Leong Poh Kee, we offer a vast range of premium jewellery watches in Singapore, so you’ll definitely find one you love.