4 Luxury Watch Trends to Know and Look Out for in 2021

4 Luxury Watch Trends to Know and Look Out for in 2021

Watch trends often change. Some changes happen from year to year, and sometimes, they can happen in the flash of weeks or months. However, that won’t stop us from trying to predict the trends that will likely dominate over a particular period. In particular, these are the most likely watch trends to prevail and look out for in 2021. 

1. Out with the new, in with the old

The watch industry isn’t exactly a stranger to bringing back older and more archaic designs. However, the trend seems to be picking up a little more every year. 2021 looks like it’s not going to be different.

Expect increasing numbers of luxury Swiss watches in Singapore to feature more classic and retro design elements, even in new iterations of throwback pieces and fresh creations.

2. Brighter and flashier colours

For years, blue, white, and black was pretty much the go-to colour of watch faces. Except for the occasional green every now and then, the colours tended to stay on the safe side. Thankfully for the fashion adventurers, things are starting to change. Although the designs remain quite familiar, the colours are revealing a different story. 

From salmon-hued dials to burgundy, malachite, light blue marble, and so on, watchmakers are seemingly unafraid to throw more colour into the mix this time around – much to the delight of fans and collectors alike. A prime example of this vibrant creativity are timepieces from SARCAR’s Exquisite collections, which feature bright hues and fine works of art encased in luxurious timepieces.

3. More value for the money

We’ve reached a point where fans and collectors are more open to trying out lesser-known brands and watchmakers. You can even get a decent gold watch for women from a mid-tier luxury brand. Sometimes, it’s because they’re more affordable. There are also times where people just want to buy something different from the mainstream.

If you’re keen on shopping for a watch that is the perfect blend between luxury and affordability, check out Leonard Montres’ stylish offerings for both ladies and gents. Either way, with growing competition on the market, we can expect watchmakers to be focusing more on making watches that bring more value for the money. 

4. Go big and go bold

Small timepieces have had their time, and now it’s time for large watch faces to take the shine. Even ladies’ watches are sporting larger options, to accommodate to a growing audience who embrace the sporty, bold look.

Thus, we can expect to see more variety of watch sizes in the market as the year goes on. No longer are small, dainty watches reserved for women – both genders can enjoy their preferred size of watches according to their style and personality.


It’s important to remember that you don’t always have to follow watch trends, but it is beneficial to pay attention to what’s hot and what’s not. This is especially true if you are a collector or plan to start your own collection. 

Knowing the difference between a long-lasting hot commodity and a fad can easily spell whether or not your watch collection will appreciate in value or not. If curious, check out the trending designs and view our fine collection here at Leong Poh Kee. Either via our online shop or physical store in Singapore, you’re sure to find a marvellous piece to add to your watch collection.