4 Distinct Characteristics To Look Out For In Luxury Watches

4 Distinct Characteristics To Look Out For In Luxury Watches

Throughout our lives, we make several choices daily, from simple decisions such as where to dine after work to more momentous ones like buying a car. However, we tend to pay more attention to our choices when they involve a significant sum of money. That is likely to be the case when it comes to buying a Swiss watch in Singapore.

Given the myriad of merchandises on offer, it can be challenging to pick out which products are worth your money. This is especially true when it comes to luxurious timepieces. So to ease your burden and guide your purchase decision, let us share five distinct characteristics you should look out for in a top-quality watch to ensure your investment is worthwhile.

1. The weight

Apart from comfort, one of the first thing you will immediately notice upon donning a watch is its weight. A hefty timepiece is usually an indicator of its quality. Substantial weight is a clear indication that the watch comprises first-rate materials, such as stainless steel and titanium. Both possess a considerable weight that sets them apart from the rest.

2. The movement

The watch’s movement, or the way its hands traverse the timepiece’s surface in a clockwise motion, plays a significant role in determining its quality. Not all watch’s movements are made equal as they require an intricate skill set that only skilled artisans possess. It is vital for watches to possess good movement to keep and tell time accurately. A watch with a bad movement contains unreliable tick speeds, resulting in the timepiece losing minutes a day. 

There are several agencies that conduct tests to check the accuracy of luxury watches, with the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC) being the most renowned institute. A timepiece will only get the COSC seal of approval if it maintains a daily error rate of -4/+6 seconds. However, various well-known brands carry out their quality testing in-house to ensure their high standards are maintained. An example is Rolex’s in-house Final Control testing, which guarantees their products will only have a variation of -2/+2 seconds per day.

3. The water resistance level

Water is highly damaging to a watch. Therefore, it is crucial for a luxury watch to be waterproofed. Furthermore, after spending a significant sum on the timepiece, you would not want your watch to malfunction because you forgot to take it off before washing your hands.

There are varying degrees of water resistance for each timepiece, which are typically indicated on its back. Therefore, it is vital for you to note the water-resistance level of your watch to avoid damaging them when you go for a swim. 10 ATM water resistance is often associated with a quality timepiece, and it indicates that the watch is suitable for swimming. 

4. The Swiss branding

The Swiss government takes significant pride in the country’s watchmaking ability. As a result, every timepiece assembled, cased, and inspected in Switzerland will receive a ‘Swiss Made’ branding if the watch meets its high standards. Other watches that utilise the Swiss movements but are assembled elsewhere will only carry the 'Swiss Movement’ branding. Therefore, when you are shopping for luxury Swiss watches, it is best to opt for a timepiece with the former branding.


There are numerous luxury watches on the market. However, only specific timepieces are highly sought after by collectors worldwide. Understanding the qualities that make a luxury watch stand out can help you land a valuable addition to your collection.