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Romago - Super Carbon X Automatic - RM097

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SGD$ 4,850.00

RM 097
Model FamilySuper Carbon X Automatic Collection
Case Size46.5mm
Case DescriptionCarbon
Water Resistant50m

Hosting a Swiss made automatic movement, the result of this watch is an ultra-modern visual identity, a contemporary classic. Beyond the resistance of the unique case milled from the carbon-fibre composites, the stunning piece boasts aesthetically polished renditions as well. Limited in 300 pieces, the 46.5 mm watch is set off perfectly with an exquisite silicone-lined strap, along with the exceptional design inspired by the racing car.


As a result of highly complex yet light characteristics, the use of carbon fibre made the watch more robust and incredibly sporty. This unique self-winding wristwatch combines the spirit of the brand’s innovative with a case created using an advanced carbon technology by which the exceptional material of the watch case is composed of hundreds of parallel filaments obtained by dividing carbon fibre, to show its remarkable appearance as well as its lightweight.

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Replacing the small second hand with the wheel-shaped rotating disk, this unusual and functional design which inspired by the racing car touches the whole off-centre arrangement of the watch-dial up while defining the higher stage of creativity. Unveiling the secret of the automatic movement, the open-worked design creates the stunning layering throughout the dial. Engraved decoration and tooth-shaped date-perfective ring are the key elements on it to give touches of a moving wheel extract. Romago created a special mould for this carbon case to perfectly match the square shape of watch, and beating behind a closed case-back with a special engraving, along with the watch’s limited edition number.

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