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Wolf - Analog/Shift 1976 Collection 8 Piece Watch Box (709261)

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Wolf - Analog/Shift 1976 Collection 8 Piece Watch Box (709261)

The WOLF x Analog/Shift 1976 Collection is a homage to the traditional cork packaging from the 1970s. Our 8 piece Watch Box, features cork, steel trimming, and a display window.

Cork watch boxes have a very, very special place in the hearts of collectors. A simple glance at the material belies the secret of what’s held within. As an original packaging from the 1970s is in short supply and command extreme prices when trading hands. Many collectors will go a lifetime without seeing one in the flesh. Not to mention, they were only designed to hold one watch at a time!

The WOLF x Analog:Shift 1976 Collection is our tip of the hat to this rare and important packaging with an 8 Piece Watch Storage Box produced with our cork, display window and steel trimming on the latter. As with all things in timepieces, details matter!

For collectors and enthusiasts of a particular variety of haute horology, there is no greater solution to storage and display for these fine timepieces.

SIZE: 10.25" L x 9" W x 4.25" H


  • Storage: 8 Watch Compartments
  • Natural cork 
  • Dark tan Ultrasuede Lining

ITEM: 709261

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