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Romago - LuminFusion Carbon - RM111-GD (Gold)

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SGD$ 8,850.00
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SGD$ 8,850.00

*Limited to 100 pieces worldwide

RM 111-GD
Model FamilyLuminFusion Carbon
Case Size46.5mm
Case DescriptionLuminous Carbon Fibre with 18k Gold Elements
StrapRubber (with extra leather strap)
Water Resistant50m

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Presenting the launch of the world first 18K gold Luminous Carbon Watch. Elevating the workmanship into another level, with the launch of the LuminFusion carbon RM111-GD collection, limited in 100 pieces worldwide.

The reaches of carbon fibre, the appearance of light 

The masterpiece is full of enthusiasm. The automatic winding skeleton case made of luminous carbon, brings irresistible enchantment. The rotor with metaphor recounting its own story-- only courage can lead life.

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1) Giant characteristic rotor 

The giant forward type rotor is demonstrated in concreteness of "LumonFusion Carbon", opens up more possibilities in creation, and spread the spirit of bold, innovative and fearless. 

2) Luminous full-sight 

To enhance the visibility and beauty of the watch in the dark: ROMAGO blends the 18K gold and luminous materials in carbon fibre case, and covers the hands, indexes, rotor and brand logo with luminous coating. The case back is sealed with luminous carbon fibre, and the limited number is engraved at the back. 

3) Ingenious design

Echoing the concrete design of the watch, the decorative screws on the bezel are engraved with a trident pattern; the fluorine rubber watch band is designed with butterfly buckle, that can be adjusted to appropriate size. 

The watch is designed with Greek mythology as the background, inspired by the sun god Apollo. Injecting the 18K gold elements into the carbon fibre case, make it shine like the rising sun even in the darkness. 

The luminous carbon case frames in 46.5mm diameters, embellished with a gold luminous coating of concrete design. The watch is equipped with Swiss-made automatic movement, and possesses water-resistant to the depth of 50 meters, with the black high level fluorine rubber watch band.

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