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Romago - LuminFusion Carbon - RM111

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*Limited to 999 pieces

RM 111
Model FamilyLuminFusion Carbon
Case Size46.5mm
Case DescriptionLuminous Carbon Fibre
Water Resistant50m

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Luminous Carbon

At the cutting edge of new ideas, ROMAGO is proud to present the latest LuminFusion Carbon. This is an immaculate limited creation beyond passion. Hosting an automatic skeleton movement, the luminous carbon case irradiates the greatness of this groundbreaking timepiece. A rotor full of metaphor that tells the story of self, from its creative soul to its illuminating appearance, from its imagination to its manufacture, and only intrepidity steers life.

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Narrative rotor

An eye-catching automatic oscillating weight is pre-positively presented as a light-conqueror, which opens up a space for possibility and imagination, paying a bold, innovative and fearless spirit forward.

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Nocturnal visibility

To enhance the visibility and the aesthetics of the watch in the dark, at the first attempt, ROMAGO blends the luminous material with the case made of carbon fibre. Thanks to all those surface variations, its illuminating effect ripples both softly and spectacularly after dark, and beautifully matches the luminous hands, hour markers, rotor as well as the brand’s logo, showing an aesthetics of consistency. Case back is sealed with the number engraved. (Limited Edition with 999 pieces per colour, 2 colors in total)

RM111-GR - Close up 3.jpeg

Considerate design 

Echoing the symbolic design of the watch, the bezel screws are engraved with the pattern of trident. The rubber strap is functioned with the special folding clasps so that the appropriate size can be freely adjusted.

RM111-BU P5.jpg

LuminFusion Carbon White  RM111-BU

Measuring 46.5 mm in diameter, the case is made from luminous carbon fibre emphasises the symbolic design of the rotor in white luminous material. When the watch captures sufficient light during the day, the luminous coating will glow electric blue in the dark, which gives the watch a distinctly fresh feel. Equipped with a Swiss-made automatic movement, it has a water resistance of 50 meters. Pairing with the white rubber strap, all goes harmony in term of style.

RM111-GR - Slide profile.jpeg

LuminFusion Carbon Sand  RM111-GR

The watch endowed with a 46.5 mm diameter luminous carbon case, framing skeleton dial with a symbolic rotor coated in sand luminous material. Both of the case and the bezel ring turned luminescence into green when curtain falls on the night, accentuate the alternating layers of the carbon fibre. Perfectly integrated with the case, a black rubber strap is injection-moulded with the name ‘ROMAGO’.

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