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Romago - Roulette Master - RM085-REB

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SGD$ 4,850.00
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SGD$ 4,850.00

Limited to 200 pieces worldwide. Each watch has their unique case number on the caseback.

Model Family
Roulette Master II Automatic
Case Size46.5mm
MovementSwiss Automatic
Case DescriptionStainless Steel
DialRobin Egg Blue/Black Roulette with Metal Free-Moving Ball
StrapRubber (with extra leather strap)
Water Resistant50m

RM085-0557PL-REB-6_Feed 10_R1

The Roulette master collection has always been one of ROMAGO's hero products. This year, ROMAGO has launched a new colour, the Roulette master collection II, which features a robin egg blue colour as main theme. The new collection has added a roulette ball into the dial to enhance the visual effects.

There were no clocks and watches to calculate the time in the past, and the approximate time could be known by perception or sundial during the day, but we still cannot know the actual time. The robin will sing different vocals in different periods, so the people can distinguish the period of the day. So it inspired our designers to create the new robin egg blue colour Roulette master collection, which is limited to 200 pieces worldwideRM085-0557PL-REB-6_Feed 01_R1

This 46.5 mm automatic model has a silver plated stainless steel case and the strap colour matches with the roulette design of the dial. Skeleton movement is Swiss made with the house’s aesthetics which is also reflected on the star-shaped screws. The transparent case back features an open-worked rotor with shielding design. Water resistance is up to 50m which is more than enough in every circumstance.

There is no secret that Roulette is all about possibilities like that in our life. Being here alongside the desire, it’s something symbolic of luck which never appears to decline. The robin egg blue colour always means happiness, we hope the wearer can enjoy the happiness and luck every day.

RM085-0557PL-REB-6_Feed 06_R3 (800x800px)

Sitting vividly on the dial of this new creation, the eternal wheel of fortune is about to start some move. Attired in silver PVD stainless steel, a 46.5mm diameter squared case shows the uniqueness in the skeleton with no doubt.

Skeleton is working well on this Swiss made self-winding mechanical movement that perfectly matched with the arched cage of roulette on the dial so as to give a complete shape of the house’s aesthetics.

In unveiling the first ever model in the roulette layout, ROMAGO is showcasing a new exercise in horological creativity with the rotatable system as well as the high-level craftsmanship by applying extremely precise measurement. Also the new collection added a roulette ball into the dial, it pushes the craftsmanship of Swiss made watches to another high level.


Turning the watch over reveals a transparent case back seeing through the sapphire-crystal. To show a significant design of roulette, a full open-worked rotor has been crafted with the shielding structure giving an architectural touch of beauty.


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