How Did Swiss Made Luxury Watches Earn Their Reputation?

How Did Swiss Made Luxury Watches Earn Their Reputation?

Swiss made. This is a term used to describe products made according to a specific set of conditions by law, including being made in Switzerland. This label is applied to a lot of things, but it is most often associated with watches. 

Swiss made watches are often reputed as being particularly reliable and impeccable. Indeed, many claim that Swiss made watches are of top quality, but is that really true?

What makes a watch ‘Swiss made’

A Swiss made watch has to meet certain conditions and requirements. For starters, its movement, i.e. the mechanism that allows the watch to keep time, has to be sourced and assembled in Switzerland. Second, the watchmakers have to case up the movement within Switzerland. Lastly, it has to be inspected in Switzerland by the manufacturers from the Swiss luxury watch company before being put out to market.

Why are they reputed?

While being made in Switzerland doesn’t automatically make the watches high-quality, there are several reasons why Swiss made watches have earned their good reputation. Here are just some of the qualities characteristic of Swiss made luxury watches:

  1. Swiss made watches use serviceable metal gears that are made by hand. This means that they could theoretically last for an entire lifetime. Many of their components, including the link pins and gears, are made of stronger materials as well. It’s no surprise then that Swiss made watches are a popular choice for family heirlooms since they are so long-lasting.

  2. 316L surgical steel is the usual material of choice used in Swiss made watches. This is a very high grade of steel that’s stronger and more resistant to corrosion. This also makes them less prone to damage from daily wear and tear. What’s more, the material is hypoallergenic as well.

  3. It’s also not unusual for a Swiss made timepiece to include a face made with sapphire crystal. This material scores a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, a measure of the hardness of a material. As a result, Swiss made watches are far more durable and more resistant to scratching. 

In summary, Swiss made luxury and jewellery watches are literally built to last for generations. They’re often made out of higher-quality components and are serviceable as well. This means that if parts need to be replaced, an expert can repair the watch to be as good as new.

The benefits of buying a Swiss made watch

Buying luxury Swiss watches can be a worthwhile investment for the long term. When people think of beautiful premium quality watches, they think of Swiss made watches. As such, these watches tend to hold their value very well and can be a valuable asset to have, especially for watch collectors.

They also feature a high level of craftsmanship and dedication, as well as superior build quality. So, while you’ll eventually have to replace a conventional watch every couple of years, a Swiss made watch can easily last your entire lifetime. 

If you buy a Swiss made watch today, there’s a pretty good chance that it will end up becoming a family heirloom that gets passed down from one generation to the next. You can’t put a price on that!

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