A Quick Guide To Divers Watches: Deep In Tech And History

A Quick Guide To Divers Watches: Deep In Tech And History

An excellent, luxury divers watch can cost you an astounding 5- to 6-figure amount. At auctions, these can even go up to a whopping million over dollars. What exactly are divers’ watches, and why are they so expensive?

To set the record straight, not all divers watches are so extravagantly expensive. But the fact that they can be, shows what great demand, quality, and prestige these watches have. If you think divers’ watches are only for those who do the sport, you cannot be more wrong. These days, many divers’ watches have crossed over to the luxury territory, and anyone with an appreciation for these timepieces can own one.

What is a diver’s watch?

Firstly, what makes a watch, a diver’s watch?

One defining factor is its water-resistance rating. While most dress watches and casual watches are barely splash resistant (labelled ‘30 metres’ or ‘3 ATM’), certified diving watches with the marking of ISO 6425 can withstand up to 100 metres underwater. That means that the watch can continue to function without leaking, even in deep water.

Overall, divers’ watches are also generally very tough. They will do well suffering reasonable knocks and bumps, even above water. Apart from water and shock resistance, divers’ watches are also corrosion-resistant and magnetic resistant.

Due to their original functions for divers, divers watch also feature a diving time indicator, which may be in the form of a rotating bezel, digital display, or otherwise. To maintain readability in the dark depths of the sea, highly distinct displays with luminous markings are also a common feature.

Are divers watches still used for diving?

Although originally developed for divers, diving watches are a little less common amongst divers nowadays. Some people still use them, frequently as a backup device. However, most divers now prefer to use electronic dive computers, which are also wrist-worn devices.

What is the appeal of divers’ watches?

Like any luxury watch, the appeal of a diver’s watch lies in its excellent craftsmanship and historical significance. Having to withstand such tough conditions, divers’ watches are a very amazing invention, even within the watch industry. The technological genius and intricate artistry that goes into each timepiece is reflected in its price value, which also explains why people swoon over divers’ watches.

On the aesthetic side of things, divers watch also typically feature very sporty, bold styles, which fans of them know and love. It helps that these watches are also durable and readable, making them highly functional in any situation other than diving as well.

Some simpler looking divers’ watches can double brilliantly as dress watches, and the vintage ones are well honoured for their history and rarity.

How much do divers’ watches cost?

Not all divers’ watches are out to break the bank. You can get highly functional and beautiful-looking divers watches at brands like Ball Watch and Romago Swiss for a few thousand dollars.

It is the highly prestigious names like Rolex, Seiko, Omega, and the like, that have divers watches that will cost a fortune. If you are buying them new, the watches typically go in the 5-figure sums. For serious collectors, it is not unusual to trade vintage divers’ watches for more than their original price. 


Once you get to know them, divers’ watches are such impressive works of art and science. Whether you seriously want to take one on a dive, or simply want a handsome-looking timepiece, divers watches are your go-to choose.

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