6 Simple Steps to Ensure The Best Condition of Your Watch

6 Simple Steps to Ensure The Best Condition of Your Watch

The best watches are built to last, but even that is not guaranteed if you do not take care of them. Most watches have a rich and interesting history, or also personal stories and memories associated with them. This makes it even more essential to keep them in a good condition for a long time, especially if you are thinking of passing it down to your future generations. 

It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap your watch is. Proper steps are needed to take care of it. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to take proper care of their luxury Swiss watches. They believe that wiping every now and then is enough, but, this is not true.

Maintaining any watch requires doing more. Here are 6 simple tips for taking care of your watch! 

1. Keeping it wounded

If you wear your watch often, it is recommended you keep your mechanical watches well-wounded. This avoids you the hassle of having to set your watch again the next time you want to wear it. Besides, most timepieces keep the most accurate time when the mainspring is wound above half tension. 

However, if you are storing a watch without wearing it for some time, it is okay to let it stop running. Just remember to wind and set it up again the next time you take it out!

2. Wind your watch on a flat surface

While winding is a simple process, it is important never to wind the watch on your wrist. Instead, do it on a flat surface! Doing it on your wrist creates unnecessary pressure on the stem. On rare occasions, this can break or bend the stem. 

Additionally, you should learn to recognise when your watch is wound enough. Overwinding can also damage your device.

3. Use a microfibre polishing cloth to keep your watch clean

Soap and water might seem like the ideal cleaning solution, but using a microfibre polishing cloth is the best option! You might think that a little water is harmless, but the small molecules of water and soap can sometimes seep into the insides of the watch and cause damage, like rust, among others. 

4. Avoid getting your watch wet

Unless it’s a diver’s watch, it is best to avoid getting your watch wet. While water resistant watches can withstand light splashes from rain or handwashing, they should never be immersed in more water than they can take. Exposure to moisture can damage the internal workings of the watch. In water resistant watches, constant exposure can also wear out the seals and gaskets that are meant to keep water out.

It goes without saying that if your watch has a leather strap, you should keep it well out of the way of water. Moisture can cause mould growth on leather, which isn’t something you want happening to your precious watch.

5. Bring your watch for regular servicing

No matter how well you take care of your watch, wear and tear is a natural and unavoidable process. Expert care is needed to get into the inner workings of the timepiece to polish, lubricate, or replace old parts. That is why servicing your watch is important! Depending on the type and make of your watch, the servicing interval may differ.

There are many repair services in Singapore for watches. So, do your watch and yourself a favour by bringing it for regular servicing!

6. Enjoy your watch

While you should not push your watch to its absolute limits, you shouldn’t be afraid to use it either. Remember, watches are made to be enjoyed and looked at. You shouldn’t just keep them inside storage boxes. In fact, wearing the watch can help the device age gracefully, which further adds to its charm and value.


Taking good care of a watch is not that hard because they are built to last. Thanks to our tips, you now know how to take good care of your watch the proper way. If you follow the tips, you can expect your watch to remain in good condition for generations!