4 Types Of Watches To Have In Your Personal Collection

4 Types Of Watches To Have In Your Personal Collection

Everyone’s wardrobe is made up of several kinds of clothes, suited for various occasions. Just as you have your office wear, casual wear, and sportswear, why should the case be any different for watches?

Watches may not be a strict necessity, but it is always nice to have a couple of different watch styles for different occasions. That way, you will not be caught with an outfit without a suitable watch to put on!

Wondering what are the most essential watch styles to own? This quick guide will introduce you to the ultimate must-haves.

Dress watch 

The perfect occasion for dressing up – but not too much – smart-casual and formal events are where a simple and classy watch will look exactly right. Traditional and minimalistic watch styles work best here, such as round dials and leather straps.

Even if you love extravagant and intricate timepieces, it is always a good idea to have one that’s more toned down, for events where you do not want all the attention to go to your outfit or watch. For some great examples of dress watches, look at Leonard Montres’ Classique Circular collections, characterised by clean watch dials and sophisticated stainless steel or leather bands.

Sports watch

If you are one to lead an active lifestyle, you need to own a sports watch. Believe it or not, there are specific watches for different sports, such as diving, field, pilot, and racing watches. Historically, each of these watches had functions made specially for the various activities, such as superb water-resistance for diver’s watches, and chronographs on racing watches.

However, many people today wear these watches even without engaging in the activity it was meant for. The significant advantage of these watches is that they are typically very tough and durable. Of course, there is also the ‘cool’ factor, especially if you are a fan of the sport or culture.

Everyday watch

Some people are not able to go about their day without a watch on their wrist. Even in an era where smartphones can tell us the time perfectly and conveniently, having a nice wristwatch for your daily activities is not a bad idea.

The type of watch you use every day will depend on your preferences, but ideally, it should be a watch that can hold up against your daily usage. A decent level of water resistance would be good, as is shock resistance and an easy-to-match aesthetic. If you are just taking this watch along your weekend outings and errands, casual and comfortable is the way to go.

Luxury watch

Finally, the luxury watch. As its name suggests, a luxury watch is not something that everyone will own or want to own. However, if you want to impress, and if you can, a luxury watch is a real treat to have.

Luxury watches are well-loved for their analogue charm, quality materials, and brand prestige. For elegant styles like a classic ladies’ gold watch, you can wear it as a dress watch, or reserve it for only the most special of occasions. Given that most luxury watches are highly valuable and exclusive, you could even take good care of it and keep it as an heirloom for your future generations! Sarcar Geneve watches are brilliant examples of highly precious watches that will make amazing heirlooms!


If you are thinking of growing your watch collection, now you know which types of watches to start with. With one watch from each category, you are pretty much good to go for any kind of situation!

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