4 Signs It’s Time To Send Your Watch For Servicing

4 Signs It’s Time To Send Your Watch For Servicing

Despite the fact that luxury timepieces are built to last more than a lifetime, this is only possible if they’re serviced regularly. Your luxury jewellery watch is subject to all sorts of wear and tear, including being exposed to heat, rain and perspiration every day. Because of this, a watch needs to be serviced to make sure that it’s performing well. 

A general rule of thumb? Watch owners should make it a point to bring their devices to a repair shop for a quick check every year or two. Your watch will be examined thoroughly, tested for water resistance, lubricated and cleaned during servicing, ensuring they’re in good condition for the next few years. Apart from that, here are 4 reliable indicators that it’s time you send your watch for service. 

1. Moisture or condensation

Any kind of condensation inside the dial or crystal of your watch is a bad sign. In most cases, it can cause the lubrication to dry out. If this concern isn’t remedied quickly, it can cause the parts to corrode, which can lead to a much higher repair bill. So, as soon as you notice moisture building up inside your watch, take it to the service centre immediately. 

2. Skipping or inaccurate time-telling

The second hand of quartz movement watches will often start skipping forward now and then to indicate that the battery needs replacing. Thankfully, this is an inexpensive procedure that shouldn’t take too long. On the other hand, if you’re using an automatic watch, you might need to have the watch rewound or lubricated. It might also be a good time to have it checked and serviced for other potential issues. 

3. Rattling noises

Apart from its regular ticking sounds, a watch shouldn’t be making any noise when it is picked up. We often take for granted that our watches can withstand anything, but a standard automatic movement averages more than 100 moving parts. Even with durable materials and shock absorption technology, it is still possible for certain parts to shift or come lose upon high impact. Older watches will be more vulnerable to hard bumps, especially if the cushioning inside has begun to wear out.

5. You’re going on holiday 

Whether you’re planning to travel or if you just came back from a holiday, it might be a good time to have your watch serviced. When travelling, your watch is exposed to numerous harmful elements like magnetisation from the airport security scanners, water from the beach, or drastic changes in climate. If you have indulged in some water sports, it is also particularly relevant to get your watch’s water resistance checked at a service centre to ensure your watch is in the best condition.


If you truly want your timepiece to last for your next generation, you can’t ignore the importance of sending it for regular servicing. Even if you think there’s nothing wrong with your watch, it’s recommended that you send it for inspection every now and then. This way, any small issues can be easily addressed and resolved before they escalate.

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